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One of the many reasons I love the game Guild Wars 2 is because of its beautiful arts. Not only is the game beautiful, it has also inspired many artist amongst the player community. Here I like to introduce everyone to a few that I especially like.

This is a speed painting of a Guild Wars 2 inspired Ranger by Eshara of Guild Wars 2 Guru.

Speed Painting of Ranger by Eshara


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      My Name is Logan Thackeray

      My name is Logan Thackeray, I’m human… Everyone can see very clearly that Logan Thackeray is human, so why did the video have Thackeray says: “I’m human.”? That is because Guild Wars 2 will have 5 playable races. They are the Sylvari, Norn, Charr, Asura and Human. Thackeray is a very famous name in the Guild Wars universe, mainly because he is related to Gwen, no, not Gwen Stefani, the other Gwen, the little girl everyone met in pre-searing Ascalon. Yes, the little girl has grown up, we see her in the Hall of Monument everyday, sulking! She’s not in a very good place right now. But that’s another story.

      Guild Wars veterans are no doubt familiar with the human character, what we know so far is, Logan Thackeray is a defender of Divinity’s Reach. He is a Seraph Guard. Divinity’s Reach and Ebonhawke are the 2 remaining frontier for the human and whats left of them.

      Next we hear a deep voice, gritting his teeth*, telling the human that their faith is their weakness. He is Rytlock Brimstone. He is a Tribune. The Charr, like the human has withstand many centuries of war and pain, threat  from both inside and out, unlike the human, they actually live for glory in battle. They are sent to the Fahrar a few days after birth to be train and brought up by the Warband they belong to.

      Sometime after they revealed the Charr race, many talks and debate shoots up about and around the web, some don’t like that they are running on all four, some hated that they have 4 ears, I actually love the idea that Charr have 4 ears, I was hoping they have stick to the original concept art where they have 6 ears.

      To be continued :p

      Meanwhile, please enjoy the Video below, or you can go to ArenaNet Official Youtube place for many more goodies.

      Did I mention Guild Wars is Free to Play, as in no subscription fees forever? Buy the game and play forever for free!  You can download the client here and give it a spin, you will not regret it!

      Logan is voice by Troy Baker

      Rytlock is Voice by Steve Blum